List of the best open source web conferencing softwares

Almost everything can be done online these days. As the technology grows, the society has to keep up with it. Business meetings, training, and learning instructions can be delivered online in this digital age using conferencing software.

Here is a list of the best web conferencing software to use for meetings or online teaching.


The online education sector has been continually growing and expanding as the technology grows sophisticatedly. High-quality education tools are needed to make online learning more engaging for students. One of the software that is crucial to support the teachers or educators to deliver a smooth teaching delivery is BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance learning. It is a tailor-made tool for online teaching. It is developed by a Canadian company and one of the best web conferencing software in the market.

BigBlueButton supports real-time sharing audio, video sharing, presentation with whiteboard markup, polling, emoji icons (raise hand), chat, and the presenter desktop. The software is licensed under GNU lesser general public license. The software is a great choice for instructors to make a great online learning experience because of its essential features and supports. The developer can also integrate it with SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and integrate it with third-party applications such as Moodle (Learning Management System), Chamilo (Learning Management System), DoceboLMS (Saas/Cloud Learning Management System), Drupal (Content Management system), Sakai Project (Learning Management System), WordPress (Content Management System), ILIAS (Learning Management System). Many schools are now already starting to use the software for teaching and video conferencing.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is one of the best for online meetings. It allows you to deliver, record, edit and publish your meeting and store it in the cloud. You can access it easily anytime and anywhere you want. When it comes to security, Adobe ensures you with their proven advanced security, compliance and privacy controls over your online meetings. After all, Adobe Connect is used by many top industries such as the U.S. Department of Defence so you can be sure that your privacy will be fully protected. Adobe also offers free personal meeting package for three online meeting participants and free trials for 30 days to host your online meeting with twenty-five meeting participants.


BigMarker is great for both meetings and online classes. Whether you want to host webinars or online classes, BigMarker will be an excellent platform that will fit your needs. You can also use your own custom branded webinar app with BigMarker. They offer affordable plans with just $49 per month that will allow you to host up to 100 attendees. If you are not sure if it is for you, you can always try their free trials with any packages or free plan that can host up to 5 attendees.

Go To Meeting

Go To Meeting is a great video conferencing solution to host your online meetings. The Pro package is just $29/month for 50 participants. It allows you to share your screen with your audiences. It also allows you to draw and record your meetings.


iMeet is another video conferencing system that you can use to deliver online meetings. It costs $9/month for up to 5 participants. If you have a big number of participants, they offer an affordable package with just $49/month billed annually to host an online meeting with up to 125 participants. iMeet is only best for online meetings; it is not a suitable system for online teaching.

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