Affinity Designer — the Illustrator Killer

Are you tired paying for a monthly subscription for illustrator? Affinity Designer may be a solution for you. Affinity Designer first launched in late 2014 by a company named Serif. It was designed as an alternative to Adobe’s Illustrator. Although it was first designed for Mac users only, later the company created the version of the software for Windows users. Now, Windows users can finally enjoy the software.


Although the price is CA$69.99 with no subscription, it doesn’t mean the software is cheap. Affinity Designer was designed to meet the needs of professional graphic designers. If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator features, you can expect more than that from Affinity Designer. It has everything you need. The best of all, you can get the future updates for free. Yup, you got it right. Serif offers free software updates for at least one year or so to their customers who bought the previous version of the software. For example, when you buy a software 1.5 version, you will get a free update of 1.6 version until the next 2.x version comes in. You only need to buy a new license when they launch the 2.x version.

It Has the Best Performance

There is no doubt that professional graphic designers rely on the software performance to get their works done perfectly. Affinity Designer performance is fantastic. It is fast and has the ability to zoom over 1,000,000% smoothly and quickly. Yup, enjoy the zero lag! It is not only well suited for professional graphic designers, but also helpful for beginners who are just getting started because of its great usability. So if you are a UI or UX designer, this is the perfect tool you must have. They even offer free UI Kit to all Affinity Designer customers.

It Has Excellent Features

Affinity Designer comes with amazing features such as:

Pro Vector Illustration

  • Rock Solid Pen and Node Tools
  • Tool and Mode Switching
  • Artboards
  • Symbols
  • Constraints for UI Design
  • Canvas Rotation
  • Corner Tool
  • Pencil Tool
  • Live Gradient Fills and Transparencies
  • Textured Noise
  • Live Boolean Geometry
  • Editable Shapes
  • Advanced Layers and Masks
  • Insert Inside, Paste Inside
  • Live Pixel and Outline Views
  • Live Split Screen
  • Convert to Curves
  • Expand Stroke
  • Power Duplicate
  • Powerful Snapping
  • Layout Grids
  • Misc Design Aids
  • Distribution
  • Transforms
  • Switch Views, Multiple Views
  • Assets for easy access to stored design elements
  • Styles
  • Embed and Place Artwork
  • Program Defaults
  • Work the Way You Want

Raster Design Tools, Professional Typography, Professional Colour, Compatibility, and Output, Live Blend Modes, Adjustments and Effects, Professional Sketch, Paint and Texture Tools.

You can export all your elements in any size, resolution, and format. If you ever want to make undo, affinity designer has unlimited undo feature that allows you to undo or re-do for more than 8,000 steps. How exciting is that?

More Exciting features Will Be Added

According to their announcement published on social media, Affinity Designer team will add brush stabilization on its software. It will be expected to work with raster and vector brush tools that will make the it run smoothly. Surely, Affinity users are thrilled hearing this announcement. So why not buy Affinity Designer today! Take advantage of their free trial before you buy the software.

All in all, Affinity Designer is the best graphic designer software that I use almost everyday to create and edit my graphics. It is easy to use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Note: I am not endorsed nor affiliated with Serif.

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